Building the home of your dreams is a pinnacle not all get to experience. But, when you do, it’s your home and you can decide anything and everything!

You will make the final decision on style and square footage, including how many rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. Also, what type of cabinetry, counter tops, tile, hardwood and carpet. There will be lighting choices to be made as well as paint and hardware. You may want to finish the basement from the very start. Multiple garages may be in your plans as well as out-buildings. As you can see, an extreme amount of thought will go into your beautiful new home, right down to the door handles.

As well, your outdoor space will need to be considered such as your sidewalks, driveway, yard, lighting and landscaping. All of which we can help you with.

Tony Redd Renovations puts you in control and help guides you along the way through the building process and will see you through to the last hammer on nail. And when you walk through the door, you will know and feel you’re home, where you are supposed to be.

Again, Tony Redd Renovations attention to detail and our desire to build a great relationship with our customers is what sets us apart from the others!